We have developed the following tools which you can use to improve your Syrnian experience.

Chest Cracker

Don't you hate it when you are cracking a strange chest, but can't remember which numbers you already tried? No more of this. New javascript version developed by Hazgod.

Arch. cave 2 revealed

No more endless clicking in the dark. This tool shows exactly where you have to click to move. Images by Paragon, Dumdum and Wyks.

Best equipment tool

This tool shows the best available weapons and armour for you based on your attack, defence and combat level. Developed by Wyks.

Outlands/BattleMage loader

A quick tool to pre-cache Syrnia's gamescreen and battlemage, outlands and inventory images. Especially useful for slow connections. In the Outlands this can make the difference between life and death. Credits to Fritsz and Langemol for the idea.

Player lookup: current gear & forum stats

A handy tool to look up what a player is wearing at the moment in Syrnia (only works if their privacy settings allow this). This tool also provides you with a nice clean layout to share your stats in the forums.