Lonely bard quest

Startling location: Castle Rose, Serpenthelm island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • Rose gate pass (500gp)


  • 3000 health experience
  • 2000 speed experience
  • 1x Lute
  • Walkthrough

    To start this Quest, you need to get to Castle Rose. You can only travel to Castle Rose via Rose Gates. Rose Gates requires a "Rose Gate Pass" to travel to Rose Castle. You can purchase these at Rose Gates for 500 gold. Some player shops sell for a little cheaper. Click on "Tavern" in the city menu.

    A man sitting in the corner catches your eye, he tells you he is a bard, or is trying to become one but he doesn't have any inspiration and asks you if you could help, "If you could help me with something really inspiring to get me started I would be very greatfull".

    Find him some inspiration

    Click on "Find him some inspiration.

    Thank you for offering your help !
    I hope you do succeed in finding some imspiration for love songs on this island.

    Travel to Burning Beach

    You see a couple of lovers staring at the sea...Could this help the bard ?
    You will remember this for the bard, however you feel like you need to find another source of inspiration..

    Travel to Singing River

    You see a girl staring at the river, something seems to be wrong..Approach her

    Click on Approach her

    The girl told you about her love problems, which is why she's here alone at the river, crying.
    This might just be enough for a new love song !

    Return to Rose Castle and click on "Tavern" in the city menu.

    Tell the bard about the love stories.

    I should have known..the beach is indeed very romantic..and any heartbroken person would go to the river..
    I'll go meet these persons for more inspirations for my new songs.
    You would be a good bard !
    Here, take my Lute, I've got two anyway.

    You got 3000 health experience.
    You got 2000 speed experience.
    You got 1 Lute.
    You have completed the "Lonely bard" quest !