Damsel in more distress or really clueless quest

Startling location: Castle Rose, Serpenthelm island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 25.


  • Rose gate pass (500gp)
  • The lost girl (cannot be traded so you have to obtain it yourself)
  • We recommend 16hp


  • 3500 attack experience
  • 1x Rose crest sword
  • Walkthrough

    Travel to Rose Castle on Serpenthelm. Click on "Rose Castle Keep". Click on "Talk with the lord"

    That foolish girl is lost again already ! She went to see the monkeys in the jungle and I fear she may have been taken by the Lizardmen in the eastern jungle, please find her for me.

    Travel to Thick Jungle. Jungles Edge and Thick Jungle have autoattacks, so be watchful when travelling. You will need to fight at Thick Jungle.
    Eventually, a lizardman or lizardwoman will drop a lost girl for you. This can sometimes take a long time.
    Once you have the "lost girl", return to Rose Castle Keep and click on "Talk to the Lord".

    You saved her? Excellent !
    I'll make sure she won't get lost any more.

    You got 3500 attack experience.
    You got 1 Rose crest sword.
    You have completed the "Damsel in more destress or really clueless?" quest!