Frogs and Monkeys quest

Startling location: Castle Rose, Serpenthelm island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 9.


  • Rose gate pass (500gp)
  • We recommend 8hp


  • 3000 speed experience
  • Walkthrough

    To start this Quest, you need to get to Castle Rose.
    You can only travel to Castle Rose via Rose Gates. Rose Gates requires a "Rose Gate Pass" to travel to Rose Castle.
    You can purchase these at Rose Gates for 500 gold. Some player shops sell for a little cheaper.
    Once at Rose Castle, click on "Fountain" in the city menu

    A boy and girl are fighting about what is better a frog or a spider monkey.

    Click on "Intervene"

    "Maybe this old person could help us? Could you bring us one frog and one spider monkey so we can find out once and for all which is better. You'll have to go out of the castle to do this for us though..."

    Travel to Singing River. Equip your net and fish 1 frog. Once you have 1 frog, return to Rose Castle and click on "Fountain" in the city menu.

    Have you got us the Frog yet?

    Click on "Yup"

    Alright, we'll take care of this frog, could you get us a monkey as well ?

    You will now need to travel to Jungles Edge. WARNING: Jungles Edge has autoattacks. When you arrive at Jungles Edge, you WILL be attacked by a creature up to Combat Level 9.
    Once at Jungles Edge, click on "Find Monkeys" in the city menu.
    Once you have found 1 Spider Monkey, return to Rose Castle and click on "Fountain" in the city menu.

    Have you got a spider monkey yet ?

    Click on "Yes"

    Ah great, we can now finally decide whats better !
    Thank you!
    You got 3000 speed experience.
    You have completed the "Frogs and Monkeys" quest !