Protect the ancient woods quest

Startling location: Aloria, Kanzo island
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 44.


  • Kanzo teleport orb
  • Penteza teleport orb (for the return trip)
  • We recommend 30hp


  • 1000 farming experience
  • 750 health experience
  • 500 defence experience
  • Ability to cut wood at Aloria (level 55 forest)
  • Walkthrough

    This quest is on Kanzo Island. It is only accessible with a "Kanzo Teleport Orb".
    Remember to bring a "Penteza Teleport Orb" for safe passage back to the other islands. Once on Kanzo, travel to Aloria

    A Farmer approaches you and begs you:All my seeds are being eaten by small Creatures. Will ya help me defeat the creatures which are coming from Kaldra?.

    Help the farmer

    Click on "Help the farmer"

    Thank you !
    I hope you can get rid of this pest

    Travel to Kaldra. You will need to fight creatures of Combat Level 44.
    You will need to kill 5 chippeways.
    Once you have done this, return to Aloria.

    Quest: Protect the ancient woods
    report the farmer you have killed some Chippeways

    Quest: Protect the ancient woods
    The farmer: Thank you for defending the Ancient trees. I will allow you to woodcut here for the rare seeds.
    You got 500 defence experience.
    You got 750 health experience.
    You got 1000 farming experience.
    You have completed the "Protect the ancient woods" quest !