Kanzo island

One of the high level islands in Syrnia. Tough creatures can be fought at Kaldra, and they aren't about to give up their possessions, so expect a tough fight here. You can only get to Kanzo by Kanzo teleport orb, and you can only leave by using a different teleport orb. Most commonly used is the Penteza teleport orb. You may even find one of the rarer flowers - the Matricaria - while travelling here!

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Croy Aloria Mt. Vertor Kanzo Kaldra Eylsian docks

Habitat of creatures

The following creatures live on this map. They can be fought in single/mixed combat training, as autoattack and/or as groupfighting spawn.

Can be reached from

Port party, Celebration island
Costs: free!
You can only return via the port you came.
Celebration island
Thabis, Anasco island
Costs: 1000gp
Travelling is free if you have a Canoe in your inventory.
Anasco island