Dearn island

Dearn is generally the first island you will visit after you leave Remer, the beginners island. This island is large and the travelling times are longer, so travel gear and/or a transport animal are helpful here. Most skills need to be at least 10+ to train here. Dearn also has one of two access point for the Desert arena Battlemage, located at Kinam. This island can only be accessed by mainlanders but can be invaded by the pirates.

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Nabb mines Aunna Lemo woods Deep lemo woods Unera Port dazar Kinam

Habitat of creatures

The following creatures live on this map. They can be fought in single/mixed combat training, as autoattack and/or as groupfighting spawn.

Can be reached from

Port Senyn, Remer island
Costs: 20gp
Remer island
Xanso, Mezno island
Costs: free!
Mezno island