Arch. cave 4

Arch Cave 4.1 is accessed from Arch Cave 3.25. You also may travel back this way. It has auto-attacks from creatures up to Combat Level 66 at all locations. Arch Cave 4.7 has smelting. You can smelt iron, steel and gold bars here. There is also platina and syriet smelting made available via spawning.

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Arch. cave 4.7 Arch. cave 4.1 Arch. cave 4.6 Arch. cave 4.2 Arch. cave 4.4 Arch. cave 4.3 Arch. cave 4.5

Special events

Habitat of creatures

The following creatures live on this map. They can be fought in single/mixed combat training, as autoattack and/or as groupfighting spawn.

Can be reached from

Arch. cave 3.25, Arch. cave 3
30 speed exp
Costs: free!
Arch. cave 3
Lost caves 1, Lost caves
Costs: free!
Lost caves