Joiners/Leavers tool

This page shows a list of players that have changed clan in the week you have selected. Only clan changes of players that have logged in in the past 14 days (at the time of updating this tool) can be shown. Inactive members that are kicked/deleted from a clan are removed from the clans at the sunday night wipe at 00:00. The global joiners/leavers tool updates every hour. You can order the table by clicking on a column head. Click twice to order it in reverse.
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List of players that changed clan

Player Old clan New clan
Abomination Clanless [PsyKo]
adik Clanless [Zen]
Apocolypse Clanless [~one~]
badger Clanless [-CR-]
Bird Clanless [Elves]
BlackDesert Clanless [TSoH]
BladeSlayer22 Clanless [O.G.]
Blaidd_Drwg Clanless [TxN]
blessit Clanless [Unity]
BradaighsFrogs Clanless [*TF*]
Broken Halo Clanless [TSoH]
Cast Clanless [CFH]
CptNDirk Clanless [Snake]
deathspank [LoC] [~DoS~]
dev1noodle Clanless [R-o-D]
Elar Clanless [-TL-]
elephantsoup Clanless [RoR]
EricRandom1023 Clanless [TDoR]
Errant [O.G.] [World]
Fazzy123 Clanless [Cyber]
garfield Clanless [-TL-]
gazman47 Clanless [CFH]
Gazz1617 Clanless [SWC]
gwendolyn Clanless [O.G.]
Karmatiic Clanless [UnOa]
kawiti Clanless [fame]
Kitchen Witch Clanless [CLEAN]
Liah Clanless [CLEAN]
lilsweetheart Clanless [TSoH]
Lodes [CLEAN] [Pond]
LollyLola Clanless [~FoS~]
LordZamboe Clanless [Choob]
Lunaria78 Clanless [Manc]
mannie2many Clanless [Elves]
manrobert Clanless [LoC]
Maul Clanless [CLEAN]
me_again Clanless [^GL^]
muffin dude [New] [C.]
prawnbowler Clanless [Choob]
Pyriel28 Clanless [~FoS~]
ruppcarson Clanless [-^-]
Rydda [~DoS~] [LoC]
Ryuuk Clanless [CLEAN]
Silence Clanless [~DoS~]
siren Clanless [Choob]
Subman [Karma] [CFH]
Taze Clanless [CFH]
terbo Clanless [Vibes]
TheDumbo Clanless [~RE~]
Thumbs Clanless [Choob]
tug13 Clanless [Cloud]
Turin [Build] [Trave]
Yankee Clanless [A.D.]
yfixul Clanless [Crass]