Joiners/Leavers tool

This page shows a list of players that have changed clan in the week you have selected. Only clan changes of players that have logged in in the past 14 days (at the time of updating this tool) can be shown. Inactive members that are kicked/deleted from a clan are removed from the clans at the sunday night wipe at 00:00. The global joiners/leavers tool updates every hour. You can order the table by clicking on a column head. Click twice to order it in reverse.
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List of players that changed clan

Player Old clan New clan
Aelias [C.] Clanless
Amanda Clanless [WALL!]
Anthraxia Clanless [-TMP-]
Aquadark Clanless [One]
Archilies Clanless [WALL!]
Bassman [-TL-] [TAG]
battousai [BoD] [Cloud]
bbower1 Clanless [FFF]
Black [Nomad] [~LS~]
ChuMi Clanless [Solo~]
Clark Clanless [~LS~]
Durins_Bane Clanless [Moria]
Eldarion Clanless [InGen]
faditimo Clanless [-TMP-]
FishyFishy [Here] [Paste]
GenghisBlond Clanless [SMA]
Harbinger Clanless [-_-]
Judea Clanless [Vital]
king1104 [TSoH] Clanless
Kumiko Clanless [(WAR)]
Lady Lyrical Clanless [~LS~]
LeeSin Clanless [-TMP-]
lilfirecracker Clanless [FFF]
luciddream Clanless [GA]
m00nfire [-DRS-] [~LS~]
morbit Clanless [O.o]
muffin dude [(WAR)] [~LS~]
NepinRith Clanless [WALL!]
Patatas Clanless [Flame]
Pikaitrin Clanless [Nox]
queeng [CFH] [~LS~]
Reina Clanless [TLO]
resque Clanless [Resqu]
Roku [-TMP-] [~LS~]
syterth [^GL^] [-TMP-]
TheDumbo Clanless [~RE~]
Twoflower Clanless [Flame]
Youngblood [Nox] [CFH]