Got to Love Locks quest

Startling location: Mentan, Mezno island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • You must have completed the Thieving guild trail quest
  • Thieving level 5 (to start)
  • Speed level 15 (to start)
  • 3 Locked toolboxes
  • 1 Locked moldy chest


  • 1500 thieving experience
  • Walkthrough

    Travel to Mentan on Mezno Island and click on the Thieving Guild.

    Thieving guild master: (yourname), you have gained some reputation inside our guild. You should learn how to open any lock there is. We can start teaching you some of the most common locks....

    Click on "Teach me"

    Thieving guild master: Alright, I will teach you how to open some common locks. I need you to get me 3 Locked toolboxes, then I'll show you the best way to open them.

    You will need to obtain 3 Locked Toolboxes. You can get Locked Toolboxes from:
    Player Shops and Trade Chat
    Fighting various creatures (such as gnomes)
    Digging in Arch Caves N. (If you have completed the "Earning the Family Respect" Quest).
    Once you have obtained 3 Locked Toolboxes, return to Mentan and click on "Thieving Guild".
    Note: A Locked Toolbox are sometimes referred to as ltb in chat.

    Thieving guild master: Welcome back (yourname), have you got the 3 locked toolboxes with you ?

    Click on "Teach me how to open these"

    Thieving guild master: Alright, you use a lockpick and then...
    The thieving guild master opens the lock within a second, he then explains you all weaknesses of this lock
    Right, so if you have been listening careful you should now know everything about this type of lock.
    I need to teach you about 1 more type of lock before I can let you go..
    Please get me 1 locked moldy chest.

    Locked Moldy Chests can be obtained from:
    Player Shops and Trade Chat
    Fighting Various Creatures (such as Vururth)
    Digging in Arch Caves N. (If you have completed the "Earning the Family Respect" Quest.
    Once you have 1 Locked Moldy Chest, return to Mentan and click on "Thieving Guild"
    Note: Locked Moldy Chests are sometime referred to as lmc in chat.

    Thieving guild master: Alright, got me a locked moldy chest?

    Give your locked moldy chest

    Click on "Give your locked moldy chest"

    Thieving guild master: You'de think you should try putting your Lockpick inside the lock of this chest...but NO!
    Just use the tip of the lockpick and carefully hit the top of the lock a few times..
    There you go..See ? It's not hard at all. You now know enough to try yourself, go ahead and gather some more chests to open yourself. We'll catch up when you need more training.

    You got 1500 thieving experience.
    You have completed the "Got to love locks" quest !