Valera Knight quest

Startling location: Valera, Remer island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • Minimum of CL 5 or total level 60


  • 100 speed experience
  • 1x Iron long sword
  • Walkthrough

    Move to Valera and click on "Training Grounds" in the city menu. You will find the Valera Knight.

    I was a well known warrior once...I was the most feared fighter in the Outlands..
    But it has all changed after I ruled the outlands for 3 months.
    A group of people combined their powers to kill me when I was working in the Outlands. They succeeded because I did not even notice them attacking me in my back. I am sure my stuff is still around in the Outlands. The people who attacked me are rich enough to buy better equipment, they only wanted revenge.
    Could you please return me my armour and weapon?

    - Yes
    - No

    Click on "Yes".

    Thanks alot, please hurry and collect my items. I died at the outlands 82 and all of my equipment should still be there.

    The Outlands is a Player Vs Player area. Before you attempt this quest, it is advisable to store all your items safely in a house. Before you leave, check the Outlands Map, so that you know where you need to go. The Outlands is accessable from Port Senyn and cost 50 gold to sail to. When you sail, you will sail to either Outlands 1 or Outlands 13. When you arrive at Outlands 82, there is an option to pick up the Valera Knights items. Once you have done this, return to "Training Grounds" in Valera.
    *Note: The sail option to return to Remer Island is located at Outlands 1 and Outlands 13.

    Welcome back, have you got my stuff?

    - Yes I do.
    - No I don't.

    Click "Yes I do".

    Thanks alot.
    I can finally train and become mighty and feared again !
    Keep this sword, as a thanks for your help.
    You got 100 speed experience.
    You got 1 Iron long sword.
    You have completed the "Valera Knight" quest !