Repair the smokehouse quest

Startling location: Thabis, Anasco island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.


  • 500 wood
  • Have a hammer equipped
  • Level 30 woodcutting
  • Level 10 construction


  • 2500 constructing experience
  • Ability to smoke food at the Smokehouse (requires level 80 cooking)
  • Walkthrough

    While looking for a place to cook your fish, you notice an abandoned smokehouse. Due to the ravages of time, the house needs to be repaired before you are able to go inside to work.

    Click on "Yes, let's repair this place"

    You need 500 wood to repair this building.

    Repair the smokehouse (1 wood each time, 2 constructing exp gained for each)

    You finished repairing the smokehouse!

    You got 2500 constructing experience.
    You have completed the "Repair the smokehouse" quest!