Witch Bluebell quest

Startling location: Eully, Remer island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.

You need to complete the Witch Bluebell and Witch Bluebell 2 quests to be able to start training magic.


  • 1 Venomous fang


  • 100x Gold piece
  • Walkthrough

    Move to Eully and Click on "Bluebell"

    You find a witch at the edge of Eully, she looks rather strange. And it seems like she has been exiled from the town.

    Hello, you seem other than the rest of the people around here. Could you help me out?

    Sure, whats wrong ?
    No you kind of scare me..

    Thanks, well I want to change my appearance a little bit. I could do that with a specific potion.
    To make the potion I need herbs, fish and a Venomous fang.
    I already got the herbs and fish, but I still need the Venomous fang. I cannot get it myself.
    Get me a Venomous fang to help me out.

    You can obtain Venomous Fangs from Player Shops or Fight Creatures at Lemo Woods. You can buy a Venomous Fang from Player shops for about 5 to 10 gold each. You can also fight at Lemo Woods for them, but would need to be able to fight Combat Level 6 creatures. Once you have the Venomous Fang, return to the "Bluebell" in Eully.

    Quest: Witch Bluebell
    Thats what I needed, my last ingredient !
    Thanks for helping me !
    You can have some coins.
    Bluebell immediately runs into the woods, seems like she is going to make her potion there.
    You got 100 gold .
    You have completed the "Witch Bluebell" quest !