The kidnapped lunchbox quest

Startling location: Arch. cave SW, Arch. cave
The strongest creature you need to fight to complete this quest is combat level 32.


  • 1 Teps key (untradeable, you have to obtain it personally)
  • 1 Teps lunchbox (untradeable, you have to obtain it personally)
  • We recommend 25hp for this quest


  • 1500 speed experience
  • 500 health experience
  • 500 attack experience
  • Walkthrough

    Travel to Arch. Cave SW. located in the Arch Caves. Talk to Tep Diggins.

    Tep Diggins: "Hello player (yourname), I hope you can help me find something I lost, so I can continue my work."

    Click on "Help Tep Diggins"

    Tep Diggins: "I lost an important locked box, and the key to open it.
    You should first try to find the key since I'm sure a cave creature has taken it, I'm not sure about the metal box but that could be stolen by a cave creature too since it is not too heavy. I hope you can find it.

    The "Teps Key" can be found by fighting bats at Arch. Cave NE. The bats you will need to fight here are "Black Bat" with Combat Level 22 and "Grey Bat" with Combat level 27. One of these bats will drop a "Teps Key" for the quest.
    Once you have the "Teps Key", return to Arch. Cave SW.

    Tep diggins: "Have you found my key yet ?"

    Click on "Give tep your key"

    Tep diggins: "Great work, I hope you can find my Metal box too !"

    Travel to Arch. Caves S. Here you will need to fight "White Bats" with a Combat Level 32. White Bats will drop a "Teps Lunchbox". Once you have the "Teps Lunchbox", return to Arch. Cave SW.

    Tep diggins: "Have you found my lost box yet ?"

    Click on "Give tep his lost lunchbox"

    Tep diggins: "Thank you so much, this lunchbox is very precious to me !"
    You got 1500 speed experience.
    You got 500 health experience.
    You got 500 attack experience.
    You have completed the "The kidnapped lunchbox" quest !