Witch Bluebell 2 quest

Startling location: Eully, Remer island
To complete this quest it is NOT neccesary to fight any creatures.

You need to complete the Witch Bluebell and Witch Bluebell 2 quests to be able to start training magic.


  • You must have completed the Witch bluebell quest before you can start this quest
  • 1 Amber
  • 2 Fox tails
  • 25 Raw sardines


  • 150 speed experience
  • 25 magic experience
  • 1x Staff
  • The ability to train the magic skill with Bluebell
  • Walkthrough

    Move to Eully and click on "Bluebell" in City Menu

    Welcome back...that potion did not do any good to me yet. I did not change a thiny bit. Did your really get the Venomous fang yourself ? I hope you did not buy it, because they sell them at a real bad quality.

    However, I got another potion with different ingredients to get the same result. Would you be able to help me get the ingredients again ?

    Sure thing, I'll help you.
    No, I'll return later.

    I need a few ingredients. I'll need you to get a amber gem to start with. When you have got it, return and I'll tell you the next ingredient I need.

    Amber can be obtained from other players, mining, fighting, and some chests. Players sell these in trade chat and in players shops (you can ask for a price check in trade chat for the current value of Ambers). Ambers are also a rare find when mining. They can also be found as a rare drop when fighting gnomes (Combat Level 4). Once you have an Amber, return to "Bluebell" in Eully.

    Quest: Witch Bluebell 2
    Thanks, we're making progress.
    Now please get me 2 Fox tails.

    You can get foxtails from Player Shops or fighting at Lemo Woods (Need to be able to fight Combat Level 6 creatures). Player Shops sell these for 5 to 10 gold each. They are also a drop from foxes at Lemo Woods. Once you have 2 fox tails, return to "Bluebell" in Eully.

    Quest: Witch Bluebell 2
    Great, ok the last thing I need is 25 raw sardines. Im very close to change my appearance...go get the fish !

    Raw sardines can be fished at Fishing Level 5 at Lisim. You will need a rod (rod cost 75 gold at "Eully Markets" in Eully) to fish sardines. Once you have 25 sardines, return to "Bluebell" in Eully.

    Quest: Witch Bluebell 2
    That was the last ingredient I could make up...I did not really need them. I don't need any potion to change myself. I asked you to do this for me to see if I can trust you. Now I can trust you I think I've finally found someone wich I can teach the practice of magic !

    Bluebell has accepted you as her new student, and will teach you the basics of magic.
    You got 1 Staff.
    You got 150 speed experience.
    You got 25 magic experience.
    You have completed the "Witch Bluebell 2" quest !