Speed guide by Quadiam


Travelling in between towns is a very time consuming event, especially as you leave Remer Island. As you gain experience in speed you will increase your level and help to reduce the timer for travelling in between cities. You can also acquire items that will help to reduce this time, such as leather boots, eagle boots, horse, and enchanted armour. These items will help to reduce your time travelled in between cities immensely.



Any equipment can be modified with a minus travel time enchantment if the right gems are provided (see our magic guide for more detailed information). Ensure that you are able to equip the item that you are trying to enchant before you commit to the enchantment. These items will decrease the timer by the corresponding amount that the enchantment provides. If you are wearing 3 total -2 Travel times items, you total travel time will be reduced by 6 seconds. These items will decrease your traveltime, but they will also lower the experience you gain. They will however, slightly improve the exp gained per second traveltime. Note that there is a hardcap for traveltime at 10 seconds, so you will not be able to go any faster than that.


You can also find various boots in the world of Syrnia that will affect your traveltime as well. Boots however, do not have influence on the exp you gain. Leather boots are commonly found from different skills, and can be equipped to lower your timer. As you progress through your Syrnia life you will be able to find better boots that will have an even greater effect on your travel time.

Img Type Level req TT reduction
Leather boots None 20%
Bat-hide boots Defence 25 25%
Cheetah boots Speed 35 25%
Eagle boots None 30%

Speed suit

Once you have reached speed level 35, you will be able to wear special speed gear to reduce your traveltime. Together with the Cheetah boots, the below items form the Anasco travel suit. If you do not use a horse, those items will reduce your traveltime by a percentage. The major advantage of those items compared to -tt enchants is, that while reducing your traveltime they will not reduce the experience you gain! You should however be aware that the speed items can break while walking.

Img Type Level req TT reduction
Lion vest Speed 35 5%
Wildebeest pants Speed 35 5%
Antelope hooves Speed 35 5%
Elk horns Speed 35 5%


You can purchase horses in Syrnia to ride and overtake all those slow backpackers. These animals will greatly decrease your travel time, allowing you to travel vast distances with little trouble. Using this animals will yield you no speed experience, as a small tradeoff for their stunning speed. Each new player will have a beginners horse that they can use to travel from place to place, but be warned that all horses have a random chance to die, forcing you to trek the world on foot once more.

Img Type Level req TT reduction
Beginners horse None 60%
Mule None 70%
Brown horse None 80%
White horse None 81%



You will also travel between islands, but your equipment and your horse will have no affect as you traverse the rough seas. The boat you sail in will help to determine that speed. There is no level restrictions to utilize a boat in the game, only to build one. (See construction guide for detailed information) Faster boats will be significantly more expensive, but will dramatically lower your travel time (see the chart below). Note that for the traveltime reduction percentage for boats, travelling with the NPC boat is used as reference.

Img Type Level req TT reduction
Small fishing boat None 31%
Sloop None 50%
Boat None 71%
Trawler None 76%



You may stop in and buy flowers form the flower shops located around Syrnia, but you can also find your own while travelling between towns. Certain areas have great meadows which flowers can randomly be found in. While using a horse you are too lazy to pick them up, so you are only able to obtain them while travelling on foot. Flowers can be sold to the various Floral shops in Syrnia. If the shop contains 10 flowers of one kind, you can buy a bouquette of them. Bouquettes of flowers can be sent to any Syrnian player with a message attached. Each bouquette has it's own meaning. See our itemlist for all of the flowers in Syrnia.

Img Item Meaning
Bouquette of Purple rhas Apologies
Bouquette of Matricarias Best wishes
Bouquette of Elven flowers Birthday
Bouquette of Silver widows Condolences
Bouquette of Tulips Congratulations
Bouquette of Pulsatillas Easter
Bouquette of Lady sunshines Friendship
Bouquette of Meznolians Get well
Bouquette of Plumerias Good luck
Bouquette of Canna lucifer Happy halloween
Bouquette of Witches foxgloves Happy halloween
Bouquette of Roses Love
Bouquette of Christmas cacti Merry christmas
Bouquette of Poinsettias Merry christmas
Bouquette of Carnations Thanks
Bouquette of Skull Roses Threat
Bouquette of White Remers Wedding