About The Legion [-TL-]

About The Legion [-TL-]

The Legion [-TL-] was founded by Wyks and EvilGenius1 on 1 October 2005. We have come a long way, starting out as any other clan, with no members and nothing to offer. We took our time and slowly but surely grew into an experienced, well known clan.

Our clan is completely based on teamwork, and we have members in the top of all skills. Our clan can offer it's members anything they might need. Yes, this means that  we do not need any new members. However, because we like a new face from time to time our clan will always be open to mature, experienced players.

Joining us

If you are interested in joining, fill in the application form below and send it to the clanleader. We will get back to you once we have decided if you will be The Legion's newest member.


#1 How long have you been playing? (hours and days played)
#2 Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Age/where do you live/what do you do for a living/etc)
#3 Add an overview of your skills


#1 How would you describe yourself as player?
#2 Do you specialise in certain skill(s), or do you play all round?
#3 Do you consider yourself to be a teamplayer?
#4 What do you value more, experience or items (or equally)?
#5 What are your goals in Syrnia?


#1 How many hours per day do you play per day on average? (divide hours by days played)
#2 How many hours do you think you'll be able to play per week?
#3 Are you active in chat / clanforum?

Clan related

#1a What clans have you been in? (if any)
#1b Why did you leave it/them?
#2 What are you looking for in a clan?
#3 Why would you like to be part of our clan?
#3 How do you think you can contribute to The Legion?


#1 Is there anything else you might want to add?


Clanleader: Incorrect clan.

#140 - Tha_Junky
#223 - incubusking
#285 - Seraphine
#606 - garfield
#684 - Emulen