In no particular order, some random screenshots of interesting, funny or special moments in Syrnia.

Syrnia maintenance

Some syrnia stats

Strange thieving level bug

High res Ogre boots

M2H's nerfed platina axe

KeNn playing on the Syrnia server

Fritsz building a house in OL

*Note: Mods know about this and SaucyWhopper allowed it personally, since Fritsz cannot access it.

The first 1,000,000 experience in a skill

Fritsz rips off M2H

Wyks rips off M2H

M2H the player

M2H getting spanked in OL

Beta gnome

Syrnia monsters caught cheating

TheKeeperofTime 1 Million wood

Aussiebeast 2 Million wood

Meet Darex, multi of M2H

Syrnia videos

Bring PvP back to life! by Fritsz

Syrnia's first Trailer by Fritsz

Outlands party crashing by Fritsz