One of only a few islands accessible by both pirates and mainlanders, Exrollia offers something for almost all skills. The auto attacks on this island make work locations a lot less crowded than those of similar levels. At the far end of the island you can even bake bread!

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Eckwal Avinin Port Calviny Pensax Mt. Flag Mordor cave Ketil Wingmere Stanro

Special events

Habitat of creatures

The following creatures live on this map. They can be fought in single/mixed combat training, as autoattack and/or as groupfighting spawn.

Can be reached from

Xanso, Mezno island
Costs: 50gp
Mezno island
Heerchey docks, Heerchey island
Costs: free!
You have to use the ferry, as you cannot use your own boat.
Heerchey island
Burning beach, Serpenthelm island
Costs: 75gp
Serpenthelm island