Woodcutting guide by Wyks


Woodcutting is one of the resource gathering skills in the game. There is only one type of wood in the game, which can be cut from different forests all around Syrnia. Wood is used to cook food (cooking skill), construct buildings and boats (construction skill) and to smith various items (smithing skill).

Getting started

To begin woodcutting, you will need to equip a hatchet (you can only wield the bronze hatchet at level one and the more expensive but only slightly faster ogre hatchet), travel to a woodcutting location and click the link in the city menu to start working. By leveling up in the skill you gain access to higher level forests that have a better experience per chop ratio, better type of random seed and item drops and more wood per chop. However, the timer per chop will also increase significantly.

Timer influence

The woodcutting timer for each forest can be lowered by gaining woodcutting levels, using higher level hatchets and finding a less crowded forest to chop at. Each player working alongside you adds 2 seconds to the woodcutting timer, but once there are 15 players working alongside you, the timer will increase no further. Each tool and level reduction is percentage based and you might not see the difference at the lower level forests.

Random drops

While woodcutting, you can randomly find seeds (used in the farming skill) and other items such as small chests. To find out exactly which items you can find at a specific forest, click on the forest type in the chart below (the Action column). By selling these drops to your fellow Syrnians you will have a steady income of gold pieces. Last but not least it is worth mentioning that seed drops are much more frequent if you woodcut at a forest in The Outlands (player versus player combat area), especially at the level 1 forests.


Img Req level Item
1 Ogre hatchet
1 Bronze hatchet
10 Iron hatchet
25 Steel hatchet
35 Elven hatchet
40 Silver hatchet
55 Gold hatchet
70 Platina hatchet
75 Bone hatchet
85 Syriet hatchet
100 Obsidian hatchet
120 Puranium hatchet

Forest types

Level Exp/Chop Wood/chop Seed types Seed images
1 15 1-2 Radish seeds, Beet seeds, Carrot seeds
15 22 1-3 Beet seeds, Cabbage seeds, Onion seeds
25 30 1-3 Grain seeds, Tomato seeds, Corn seeds
40 (poor) 65 1-3 Grain seeds, Strawberry seeds, Green pepper seeds
40 (rich) 65 1-6 Grain seeds, Strawberry seeds, Green pepper seeds
55 130 1-10 Green pepper seeds, Spinach seeds, Eggplant seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Apple seeds
75 275 4-15 Pear seeds, Broccoli seeds, Peach seeds, Orange seeds
100 400 4-20 Pineapple seeds, Watermelon seeds, Vervefruit seeds, Fruit of life seeds


Be aware that to be able to cut wood at Aloria (level 55 forest), you need to have completed the Protect the ancient woods quest. To complete this quest you need a reasonable combat level! To be able to cut wood at Ammon (level 100 forest), you must have completed the Hidden forest quest which does not involve combat but requires level 30 mining and level 15 constructing.

Location Map Action
Isri Remer island Level 1 forest
The Outlands 21 The Outlands Level 1 forest
The Outlands 89 The Outlands Level 1 forest
Bonewood Skull island Level 1 forest
Jungles edge Serpenthelm island Level 1 forest
Webbed forest Webbers island Level 1 forest
Tutorial 5 Tutorial island Level 1 forest
Lemo woods Dearn island Level 15 forest
Silk woods Webbers island Level 15 forest
Unera Dearn island Level 25 forest
Penteza forest Elven island Level 40 forest (rich)
Avinin Exrollia Level 40 forest (poor)
The Outlands 52 The Outlands Level 55 forest
Aloria Kanzo island Level 55 forest
Khaya Anasco island Level 75 forest
Ammon Anasco island Level 100 forest