Fishing guide by Wyks


Fishing is one of the resource gathering skills in Syrnia, and provide the primary resource for the cooking skill. The Syrnia waters are abundant with many different varieties to choose from. Each species is found at different locations throughout the many islands, require specific methods for gathering and have a unique level requirement, which you can see in the quicklists below. Aside from the raw fish you catch, you will also occasionally find other valuable items while fishing such as leather boots and locked tool boxes (to find out exactly the random drops for each fishing location, click on a fishing type in the Action column in the chart below).

Getting started

At level 1 you can only fish using a net, so equip one and start working by clicking the link in the city menu. Most players start by fishing shrimps at Lisim, since it is located on Remer island. There are however more locations where you can net fish (see the locations chart below).

Tip: if you can find your way to the Singing river (Serpenthelm island), net fishing here gives better experience (and different kinds of fish) than all the other net fishing locations!

At level 5 you can switch to rod fishing, which gives you better experience and access to higher level types of fish (this does not count for fishing at the Singing river, you can continue net fishing and other types of fish become available once you reach the required level for them). Rods can be bought from NPC markets such as Eully market.

Timer influence

Like other resource gathering skills, each player fishing at the same location adds 2 seconds to the timer and maxes out at 15 people. This means the 16th player and above will not add further time. Also worth mentioning is that fishing offers the fastest exp of all the resource gathering skills, especially at the higher levels.

Fishing by boat (level 23+)

Once you reach fishing level 23, small boat fishing becomes available. For this you need a Small fishing boat. Boat fishing works the same way as other types of fishing, except that you need to have the required boat in your inventory (they cannot be equipped) and that unlike other tools boats do not break. As you level up higher types of boat fishing become available to you (which also means buying a more expensive boat), which in return will allow you to catch better types of fish and gather experience faster. Some types of boat fishing also require you to have a net or a rod equipped.

Tip: a small fishing boat requires 2000 wood and level 20 construction to build, but due to the surplus of small fishing boats in the game players tend to sell than for less than 4,000gp (their wood cost).

Canoe fishing (level 100+)

Once you have reached level 100 fishing, a special type of boat fishing becomes available: fishing using a Canoe (you also need to have a rod equipped). Canoe fishing is done at Thabis (Anasco island), but is only available after you have completed the Squid of the deep quest. In addition, fishing there is not always available due to high and low tide. It alternates on a daily basis, which means one day you will be able to fish there, and the next you will not be able to, etc. On a sidenote: when fishing is not available, the smokehouse to smoke the Thabis fish is open, and vice versa.

Event fishing

During certain Syrnia events a special species of fish can be caught, the Striped fish. These come in various colours, and can usually be obtained at Holiday lake (Celebration island) by net or rod fishing. They cannot be cooked and are only used for collecting and/or contests during the event. Due to the nature of Syrnia events (what you can do on Celebration island is often very different for each event) it is unpredictable when you are able to catch any of the Striped fish below.

Img Lvl and type Item name Description
1 (net) Striped red fish Could be caught at Holiday lake during certain events.
5 (rod) Striped blue fish Could be caught at Holiday lake during certain events.
5 (rod) Striped green fish Could be caught at Holiday lake during certain events.
5 (rod) Striped purple fish Could be caught throughout Syrnia by rod fishing during certain events.



NB: Bone fishing rod (requires level 75 to wear) can be used as a substitute for the normal Rod.

Img Fishing lvl Item Tools Action Fishing exp
1 Shrimps Net fishing 10
1 Frog Net fishing (freshwater) 12
5 Piranha Net fishing (freshwater) 20
5 Sardine Rod fishing 14
10 Catfish Net fishing (freshwater) 30
10 Herring Rod fishing 17
16 Mackerel Rod fishing 20
20 Trout Net fishing 23
23 Cod Small boat fishing 40
25 Pike Small boat fishing 50
30 Salmon Small boat fishing 57
35 Giant catfish Net fishing (freshwater) 35
35 Tuna Sloop fishing 64
40 Lobster Sloop fishing 75
46 Bass Boat fishing 125
50 Swordfish Trawler fishing 275
76 Shark Trawler fishing 350
100 Parrotfish Canoe and rod fishing 500
120 Eel Canoe and net fishing 600
140 Snapper Canoe and rod fishing 1000
160 Crab Canoe and net fishing 1100
180 Grouper Canoe and rod fishing 1500


Location Map Action
Port Senyn Remer island Small boat fishing
Barnacle bay Skull island Small boat fishing
Eylsian docks Kanzo island Small boat fishing
Port Calviny Exrollia Small boat fishing
Port Dazar Dearn island Sloop fishing
Port Calviny Exrollia Sloop fishing
The Outlands 62 The Outlands Boat fishing
Heerchey docks Heerchey island Boat fishing
Eylsian docks Kanzo island Trawler fishing
Thabis Anasco island Canoe and net fishing
Thabis Anasco island Canoe and rod fishing
Lisim Remer island Net fishing
The Outlands 17 The Outlands Net fishing
The Outlands 18 The Outlands Net fishing
The Outlands 34 The Outlands Net fishing
Ogre lake Ogre cave Net fishing
Barnacle bay Skull island Net fishing
Web haven Webbers island Net fishing
Tutorial 4 Tutorial island Net fishing
Lisim Remer island Rod fishing
The Outlands 17 The Outlands Rod fishing
The Outlands 18 The Outlands Rod fishing
The Outlands 34 The Outlands Rod fishing
Ogre lake Ogre cave Rod fishing
Barnacle bay Skull island Rod fishing
Web haven Webbers island Rod fishing
The singing river Serpenthelm island Net fishing (freshwater)